UV Coated Panels 

Ultra Violet Coating is an Acrylic adhesive based decorative lacquer which is cured by Ultra Violet rays in a series of closed chambers. UV Coating is a very polished, lustrous coating applied to a panel surface which is Melamine impregnated. The process of UV coating makes the end product Emission Free. The UV lacquering is a fully automated, synchronized PLC controlled process. The lacquering line is aided with a series of online pumps, doctor rolls & double roller coaters that ensures precise & uniform lacquer spread on the wide boards. The lacquered panels are then cured through a series of UV light curing chambers for hardening & the surface texture with an option of a High Gloss.

Dream Mark supplies innovative, trendy, and elegant decorative material to Interior Product Industry. Our UV panels with unique textures and effect, made from Roller Coater Technique feature a consistent mill finish. They are ideal for application in cupboard and kitchen doors, furniture panels, wall paneling, partitions and a host of applications that shall fire the imaginations of designers and users alike.


  • Our UV coated surfaces contain silver ions which provide effective long-term antimicrobial protection, reducing the overall level of harmful bacteria in the environment and the likelihood of cross-contamination. This makes our panel idea for applications where hygiene is critical.  

  • 100% environment-friendly. The UV coatings are solvent-free (100% solids), thus helping the industry and the environment to reduce significantly VOC (volatile organic compounds).

  • Super smooth and high gloss surface. As the UV coating line is fully automatic so the finish on these panels is uniform all over and gives a great finish.

  • Low maintenance. UV coated is 100% cure so no change in gloss levels with time. The surface is very hard and barely leave stretches.

  • Cost effective. Ready to use the product as the panel is ready to be used in the application without the efforts of doing any polish on that. 



● Kitchens

● Shutters

● Wall cladding

● Sliding Wardrobe

● Office Storage Unit

● Product Display Unit

● Bathroom&Washbasin Cabin

● Various Furniture&Fixtures

● High Gloss White Marker Board

● Wall Paneling & Embellishments

Product Technical Parameters

Type of Core Panel: Available in Prelaminated MDF 
Size Available: On specific customer demands we can further customize panel sizes in logical sizes variants. 
Thickness Available: Prelaminated MDF  18mm 
Melamine UV board comes in standard one side laminated with the same decor (OSL)  with UV Finish only on one side.